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Between bird banding, bird training and creating material, here we present some of our projects.

Monte Albán banding monitoring

Every month we realize a banding session and invite people to participate. This Project is funded by Bandelier Nacional Monument, La Poule Rousse, Xcaret

The objectifs are to compare bird survivorship, site fidelity during winter and all year round, with local and migratory species. training biologist national and foreigners

Villahermosa Migratory banding station

6 days per week, we capture and band birds during migration (august to november and march to may) . This Project is funded by TotalEnergies and we work directly with the Local university, UJAT Dacbiol en Villahermosa.

The objectifs are to determine the migratory flyway in Villahermosa and in Tabasco State and train local biologist to be able to run by themselves the station.

WRP Booklet:

Booklet of bird of  Sierra MOrelos, Edomex

Iboc organization

Create by Rebeca Martinez, and funded by Bandelier Natural Monument

127 species illustrated with their song for the vocal species.

the 4th IBOC in Veracruz, oct 17th to 21st 2023.



Please help these project, knowledge of biodiversity, training of the new generation. Your help is essential. Thank you

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